When Is The Best Time To Sell Your Wine?

Whether you’re a collector or investor, you may be wondering ‘when is the best time to sell my wine?’. JF Tobias has put together a handy timeline of events to consider that could impact when you decide to sell your collection. 

Chinese Festivals

Firstly, Chinese festivals often have an impact on overall demand of wine, so if you are looking to sell, this is often a great place to start. With China predicted to become the second-largest consumer of grape wines in 2020, it’s no wonder that spikes in demand are seen around The Chinese New Year and the Mid-Autumn Festival. To sell your wine in time for the New Year, January is a good time to do so. As for the Mid-Autumn Festival, you could look to sell around August in time for September. This festival in particular is a great indication of Asian purchasing sentiment within the wine industry.

Other Holidays and Celebrations

Other holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve also see increased demand for wine. A rise in sales for champagne occur around November, and continue into December in time for the festive season. Of course, the same can be said for red wine, popularly served to accompany Christmas dinner.

Seasonal Fluctuations

Whilst champagne sells best around November, rosé sales double in Spring and Summer. Therefore, it is recommended that you sell this type of wine as close to Summer as possible: May or June. Other Spring dates to bear in mind are En Primeur campaigns which usually occur in April or May. At this time, you may wish to think about selling your wine to free up some capital. 

Storage Renewal Dates

The last dates to put in your diary are your storage renewal dates. If you hold your wine with a storage company, take note of your renewal dates. This would mean avoiding another annual storage charge in the event that you are looking to sell. London City Bond and EHD both renew on the 1st January, whilst Octavian’s renewal dates are usually in July. If you have invested in a lot of low-value cases, storage fees will be likely wiping out almost all of your gain. So, it might be time to rethink your storage options. For more advice on this, feel free to contact us to hear more about the future of your wine portfolio.

That being said, there are some things you simply cannot put on your calendar when preparing to sell your wine…

Other factors impacting when you should sell wine.

At JF Tobias, we think the most important factor when selling your wine is when export markets have favourable foreign exchange rates. Wine is exchange rate sensitive, so this will have an impact on demand. In other words, if you want to sell your wine, the best time to do this is when your target market – whether that be the US, China, Hong Kong, etc. –  is stronger against the domestic currency. These rates are often the biggest driver of wine selling optimally in the tax year. However, these can change based on a variety of macroeconomic factors (e.g. changes in trade policies, recessions, global events). As one of the most important influences, FX should be a year-round observation if you want to achieve the best possible deal for your wine.

I’m ready to sell my wine. What are the next steps?

If you’ve come the conclusion that the best time to sell your wine is now, there are a number of routes you can take. At JF Tobias, we provide an expert service through which you can sell your wine. To get started, we recommend getting a free wine valuation using our wine valuation tool to find out how much you could get by selling your wine collection through JF Tobias.

Alternatively, if you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact us to speak to one of our experts.

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