7 Summer Wine Trends

Summer is well & truly here & it feels like a good time to think about a few trends that are going to tide us through these thirsty months.. From unlikely wine sources to cosmic cow horns buried deep beneath the vines; growing grapes varietals to charging our glasses by tap.. The wine industry is an ever-evolving beast. And a fighting fit one at that.  Read on for some vinous inspiration, or perhaps just an affirmation of what your sediment granules said a while back.



There’s something inherently simple & yet luxurious about the idea of your wine being tapped into a carafe: the stuff replumbing dreams are made of. And more & more restaurants are cottoning on to this reverie of ours, not to mention wine merchants. Light, refreshing & increasingly good wines are becoming readily available & demand is certainly not dwindling.  Throw in the obvious environmental benefits, not to mention ease of a top up, dreams may well be en route to becoming a reality.




A worldwide Prosecco shortage & an increased interest in more purse-friendly corks to pop to celebrate all things summer, park, picnic, shoelace-tie.. you name it: nothing quite says summer like something cold & sparkling And the New World are well-poised to capitalize upon this: with delicious & reasonably priced fare coming in from the likes of South Africa, (look out for Cap Classique) to California, to Australia where French Champagne houses have started investing in land: the future looks decidedly fizzy.



Sales for online wine have grown exponentially each year: 600% since 2006 to be precise, with UK & China leading the way. And it’s not just any old wine. Fine wine is specifically on the up – you only need have a cursory meander on Google to work that one out. At the lower end of the market, more & more of us luxuriate in having our weekly grocery shop delivery to our doors. & now we have a handy excuse to avoid braving any form of enclosed retail space with the heat…



The news that Chinese vineyards have surpassed France in terms of surface area (production is still French-dominated, hands down) should go some way into proving just how serious China is about its wine. Whilst the foundations are evidently there to make the stuff, more significant is how much they consume: China buys more red wine than any other country in the world. Consider the different occasions & pairings the rest of the world need to catch up with & you can see why China is more than one to watch..



Long evenings/days supping wine in the heat can take their toll, especially for the more thirsty amongst us: Light, refreshing, unassuming & versatile: Riesling has a LOT going in its favour. Germany’s indigenious grape is being grown across more & more of the world too, so it’s not in short supply. Go dry & crisp or full & sweet & quaff all by itself or with anything from Vietnamese to Indian, cheese course to fish; with Riesling you can most certainly have your glass & drink it. Whatever the occasion.



#SaveGreece has been trending on all platforms, & for good reason: the debt riddled country needs all the help it can get to pull itself from the murky depths of over-printing & over-spending. And help is indeed at hand in the form of our friend the humble grape, albeit under the guise of some not so humble names. Assrytiko, Moschofilero & Agiorghitiko may not roll well off the tongue, but they certainly do once they’re rolled into it.




It may seem odd to cite a method of farming that stems from a series of lectures that took place in 1924, but the production of biodynamic wine has been steadily growing since the 80s. With Burgundy & Alsace leading the way in France, Bordeaux has followed suit.. and it’s not just any old vineyards either: think Domaine Romanée Conti in Burgundy or Bordeaux’ Chateau Pontet Canet. Serious wines for serious drinkers and/or collectors. As consumers we increasingly like to know exactly where our produce comes from, the less chemical additions the better. The beauty of the biodynamic theory is considering a farm/vineyard as one living organism: all treatments are produced from elements of that organism & the cosmos that surrounds it: sound voodoo-triguing enough? Wait until you taste the stuff..


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Helen Richards

Helen Richards

Hely's love of wine was born from a young age, spending summers exploring the vineyards of France. After studying Modern Languages at Oxford, she worked in publishing and branding before joining the JF Tobias team to help build our blog / written content. She loves wine, writing, yoga and adventure in equal measure and strives to balance all four, although not necessarily all at the same time!