7 Unusual Wine Innovations

Our world is ever-evolving, not least thanks to our quest for continuous innovation to better everyday existences.   The world of drinks is no exception, & with competition fast & furious, the more traditional world of wine tries its best to hold its own.


And of course success has to be tempered (& indeed built upon) by less success. Sometimes something hasn’t been brought to market for good reason.


Herewith a round-up of a few of the more unusual & arguably less useful innovations brought to the party..



Wine Sling


Whilst we appreciate arm waving is important, so is being able to move freely around the room without sloshing wine down your front. However, if hospital-chic is your thing, look no further.


3 bottle wine glass


THREE bottles. In ONE glass. Whilst we see where they were going with this, we shall politely stick with the good old fashioned 6 glasses per bottle rule. Thank you.


Wine chain holder

There’s guarding your goods &, ahem, guarding your goods. Wine is, of course, infinitely guardable AND shareable, but slightly intrigued as to how this chain combats a corkscrew. It is however, magic.


Bosch Power Tool corkscrew


No words describe this appendage from Bosch. It does however leave you with a particularly tickling image of DIY Dan taking on a bottle after some manly drilling for picture hooks.


Tree root carafe (by Etienne Meneau)


Beautiful, alluring & yet wholly impractical on pretty much all levels aside from an aesthetically wow display piece.  Breathing & pouring inside, the idea of cleaning is really quite terrifying.


Wine Monkey Caddy


Cheeky chappy Mr Monkey doesn’t want you to see the label. & will do his best to warm things up to branch-swinging rainforest climes given half a chance.


Get a Grip Wine Glass Grip


For the most streamline of stems comes the most rubbery of gadgets. One size fits all; should you want your wine glass to double-up as a bicycle handle, the solution has arrived.


The beauty of the above is, of course, that they all lend themselves to being subjectively interpreted. For some the idea of having 3 bottles in 1 drink, or indeed fastening down the dust mask & drilling into the bottle may well be the dream. And the best innovations often fail first time round. We do, however, draw the line at the sling. For now.

The Author

Helen Richards

Helen Richards

Hely's love of wine was born from a young age, spending summers exploring the vineyards of France. After studying Modern Languages at Oxford, she worked in publishing and branding before joining the JF Tobias team to help build our blog / written content. She loves wine, writing, yoga and adventure in equal measure and strives to balance all four, although not necessarily all at the same time!