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Within the pages of this guide you will explore:

  • What creates an investment grade wine and the market dynamics surrounding the asset class.
  • Discover how wine has outperformed global indices and looks set to continue providing portfolio’s with market beating returns.
  • Review the incredible tax status of wine and how it could benefit you.
  • Understand our unique proposition and how our approach aligns our incentives with yours, addressing the key issue within wine investment.

Why Wine Investment?

Stimulated by protracted market instability, conjoined with the continuing loss of societal trust in traditional money markets a withdrawal and redistribution of capital away from core markets has become apparent. Private investors are increasingly seeking to diversify their holdings with the solidity gained from the intrinsic value of owning a physical asset. This trend has seen “Passion Assets”, a subsection within alternative assets, achieve remarkable returns and become an ever more prevalent part of the modern-day investment portfolio. Investors seeking an asset that will provide defensive diversification and market beating returns, once mutually-exclusive traits, have found them both in fine wine investment. This realisation has led to a rapid increase in market participants, and the overall value invested. You can own some of the most sought-after products in the world and enjoy the pleasures that come with it, safe in the knowledge that doing so has added financial stability to your wider investment plans, in a way unique within financial markets.

How Does Wine Investment Work?

In theory, fine wine investment is underpinned by a simple supply demand imbalance. You purchase a truly exceptional case of wine, made in finite quantities. You professionally store the case while the rest of the production is consumed, which further exacerbates this supply demand imbalance. After several years, you then sell and enjoy the capital appreciation and tax exemptions from what has become a very rare and sought-after wine. Whilst it must be remembered that fine wine is a financial market like any other, it is this simple premise that underpins the market.

At present, the fine wine investment sector has a range of propositions that either fail to understand fine wine as a financial market, or over- complicate it and distance the investor. We are confident that our proposition addresses this with radical transparency and allows investors to achieve exposure to the asset class safely and effectively, securing your financial security. Please download our guide or contact one of our investment team to find out more.

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