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Buying Wine - Wine Delivery

Wine Delivery

Please get in touch to receive a complete quote for wine delivery. However, the following information below may answer your query.

  • Our bonded warehouse, LCB Vinothèque, uses a third party courier for deliveries and depending on the postcode the prices may vary
  • Generally, for UK Mainland delivery, costs are around £12.50 for 1 case, £18 for 2, £20 for 3 and £35 for up to 10 cases. For a full quote please get in touch. Charges do not include VAT.
  • If you take the wines out of a Bonded Warehouse then Duty is payable which equals to £25+VAT/ 9 litre which equals to a full case of wine (12×75), £12.5+VAT for 6 bottles (4.5 litres).
  • For private clients, delivery is free for Mainland UK for orders above £1,000.
  • Transfers between London City Bond accounts/warehouses are free of charge.
  • We can offer next day Duty paid delivery for orders paid before 11 am for the following postcodes:
  • AL, B, BR, CB, CH, CO, CR, CV, CW, DA, DE, DY, E, EC, EN, HA, IG, IP, KT, L, LE, N, NG, NW, RH, RM, S, SK, SL, SM,ST, SW, SY, TF, TW, UB, W, WA, WC, WD, WS, WV
  • If your postcode is not displayed then please get in touch to inquire about other delivery times.
  • Some In-Bond deliveries may require an additional 24 hours processing time.

In Bond (IB) vs Duty Paid (DP)

  • Bonded warehouses are duty-free locations. To receive the wines at a location that is not a bonded warehouse, such as your private residence, Duty and VAT have to be paid to HMRC.
  • The Duty is £25 + VAT/ 9 litres of wine with an alcohol content between 5.5% and 15%.

For example: 2011 Montrose (6 x 150) – 1 case. The In-Bond price is £550. As 6 x 150 is equal to 9 litres the duty is £25 +VAT. So the total amount payable for duty paid stock is (£550 + £25) + VAT = £690. This price does not include delivery charge.

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