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Fine Wine Storage - Our Bonded Warehouse Facility

To ensure the wine we sell is kept in the best possible condition we use one of the finest professional fine wine storage facilities in the UK. This facility provides expert wine storage and handling services that guarantee our wines are stored in the best possible conditions.

Our bonded warehouse

We currently store our cases of wine at London City Bond (LCB) Vinothèque, a trusted partner located in Burton-on-Trent. As an HMRC government approved bonded warehouse, who specialises in fine wine storage, Vinothèque is widely considered as one of the best wine storage facilities in the UK.

Working with numerous private and trade clients, they store over 500,000 cases of wines and their team are highly trained in handling and storing fine wines. All wines stored at Vinothèque are done so under a consistent, natural temperature. The conditions at this facility are perfect for long-term wine storage.

Condition Reports

The team at Vinothèque utilise the latest camera technology to provide us with online high-definition photographs, that allow us to thoroughly check all incoming stock. These condition reports help us ensure that all of the stock we and buy and sell is in perfect condition.

Delivery and Collection

LCB is also our wine delivery and collection partner, who are able to provide a range of delivery, transfer and collection services from anywhere in the United Kingdom. Read more on Wine Delivery and Collection.

Wine Insurance

If you are selling wines to us under a brokering or cash agreement, whilst your wines are in our possession they are fully covered by our warehouse’s insurance. If you would like more information regarding our insurance, please contact us.

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