Selling Wine

Our selling wine resources aim to provide you with all the information you require if you’re looking to sell your wine, covering everything you need to know about our selling wine process and the timings involved, to informative resources advising on what wines we do and don’t buy and guides on the best time to sell your wine.

If you’re unable to find what you’re looking for please refer to our selling wine FAQs, or contact us and we’ll do our best to answer your query as soon as possible.

By Craig Buckland • 8 min read

Selling Wine FAQs

We hope the following selling wine FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) will answer any queries you may have regarding selling wine with us. If there’s not a question below that covers your query then please get in touch and we’ll strive to respond with a response as soon as possible. Q. How do I sell wine online? Using […]

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By Jim Baxter • 4 min read

Wines We Do and Don’t Buy

When navigating the often unknown waters of selling wine, it is important to keep in mind that not all wines are created as equals, and while it would be quite simple for us to publish a list of specific wines we are looking for, we feel it is far more helpful to actually explain what […]

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By Kaylyn Chandran • 1 min read

Wine Inspection Guidelines

At JF Tobias, we follow precise inspection guidelines to ensure the bottles you purchase are of the highest quality. Understandably, there are some degrees of wear-and-tear to be expected from older bottles; therefore, these guidelines are by no means exhaustive but are meant to be the minimum requirements for the acceptable level of quality and […]

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By Craig Buckland • 1 min read

Differences Between Cash & Broking Offers

When you receive your online wine quotation we provide you with two offers to sell wine to us; a Cash Offer and a Broking Offer. Both services indicate the final amount you would receive and are inclusive of all commissions. We also cover all logistical costs, condition reports and insurance, so there are no hidden […]

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By Kaylyn Chandran • 3 min read

Selling Wine – Condition Report

  Whenever we buy wine, whether from private clients or global players in the fine wine trade, we always ensure a Condition Report is produced. This allows us to check the quality of each individual bottle of wine, and means that JF Tobias, as well as each of our clients, can buy and sell in […]

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By Craig Buckland • 3 min read

Selling Wine Online – Service and Process

Our Service: Selling Wine Online Whether you wish to buy or sell wine, at JF Tobias we strive to understand all of our client’s needs and requirements. It is only through our doing this, and genuinely empathizing with each of our clients, that we can provide the best possible service and experience. As trusted experts […]

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By Kaylyn Chandran • 2 min read

Buying and Selling Wine In Bond

Buying and selling wine in bond has many other benefits than simply being stored in perfect conditions. This brief guide outlines some of these advantages. What does ‘wine in bond’ mean? Wines that are stored in bond are wines which have not had Duty or VAT paid on them yet. For this reason, they are […]

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