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Differences Between Cash & Broking Offers

When you receive your online wine quotation we provide you with two offers to sell wine to us; a Cash Offer and a Broking Offer. Both services indicate the final amount you would receive and are inclusive of all commissions. We also cover all logistical costs, condition reports and insurance, so there are no hidden fees and our confirmed offers are valid for 14 days. Once you have accepted an offer and the condition of the wines has been confirmed, the prices indicated are locked in – for broking offers this is for the entirety of our 8 week exclusivity period. During the entire process your wine is covered by our warehouse insurance, and until we have paid you for a cash offer, or have found a buyer on your behalf you are still the sole owner of your wine.

The main differences between the two offers are outlined below:

Cash Offer

A Cash Offer is where we purchase your wine directly from you, upon receipt of a satisfactory condition report from our bonded warehouse.

    1. Fastest Turnaround.
    2. Achieves the most secure and guaranteed pricing.
    3. Quickest payment schedule – within 5 days after confirming the stock is in good condition.
    4. Achieves a slightly lower value compared to a broking offer due to the inherited risk with wine market price fluctuations that we take on. Despite this, our cash offers are extremely competitive.

Broking Offer

A Broking Offer is where we sell your stock on your behalf and proactively source a buyer for your wines, upon receiving a satisfactory condition report from our bonded warehouse.

    1. Our lowest and most competitive commission (typically 10%) – you receive 90% of the total value achieved.
    2. A slightly longer process as we need to source a buyer and await payment from the client.
    3. Payment schedule is within 28 days once we have confirmed the sale of your wine(s).
    4. Ongoing storage costs are covered by JF Tobias

For more information please refer to our Cash Offer T&Cs and our Broking Offer T&Cs.

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