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Selling Wine - Condition Report

When we buy wine from either private clients or from other members of the global wine trade, we always ensure that when the stock enters our bonded warehouse a condition report is produced.

This is especially important for us to complete when the wine is from older vintages or has been stored outside of a temperature controlled storage facility. While in a bonded warehouse the wine is stored in a tightly regulated environment that is perfect for storing and ageing wine. Having been stored in this way mean the cases are more likely to be in optimal condition and therefore easier for us transact with a potential buyer.

We pride ourselves on supplying wines to our customers that are in excellent condition and have perfect provenance, therefore it is extremely important to us that all our wines have undergone a condition report. As well as this, some of our clients request to see condition reports before confirming to purchase the wine. By having a condition report already to hand, we are able to provide a quick reliable service to them, and also faster payment to you.

What is a condition report?

A condition report is a high-resolution photograph that is taken by an expert at our bonded warehouse, LCB Vinothèque. The staff at Vinothèque are professional wine storage operators and have been highly trained to handle cases of fine wine. So you can be confident that your wine is in safe hands while under our care. It is also worth noting that your wine is fully covered by their insurance, should any accidents were to happen.

What are we looking for in a condition report?

When we receive the condition report we are able to closely inspect the wines and will be looking at the condition of the capsule, cork, labels, original casing (OWC / OCC) and the fill levels of the wine inside the bottle.

Read more on our Inspection Guidelines.


Condition Report FAQs

Do I have to pay for a condition report?

No, absolutely not. The cost for transportation/collection/transfer and producing a condition is completely covered by us and will not be deducted from the quotation we provided for your wines.

If I already have condition reports will another one need to be produced?

In most instances, we will still request that another condition report is produced. This is because we need to ensure that the wine is as stated, and to also confirm the wine is still in the same condition since that last condition report was produced.

My wine is not in a bonded warehouse, how will you produce a condition report? 

With all duty paid wine, or cases not stored in a bonded warehouse, we will arrange for collection and have them sent to our warehouse. Once the wines have been transferred to our account we will request a condition report. We may sometimes request that you send us a photo before we arrange collection, this is to provide us with a rough guideline of the condition of your wines.

How long does it take for a condition report to be produced?

Depending on how busy our warehouse is, it usually takes 3 – 5 working days. This time frame is only a guideline and can be affected in busier periods or with larger acquisitions.

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