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Selling Wine Online - Services and Process

When buying or selling wine from our clients, empathising and understanding their needs and requirements is part of providing the utmost customer service, which is extremely important to us. Therefore, we aim to offer the best-trusted selling wine online services, which includes; impartial and honest advice, competitive and transparent pricing, and the fastest turnaround times and payment when a client decides to sell wine with us.

Our clients all have various reasons to want to sell wine, so whether you’re selling wine to release a wine investment, make space in your wine cellar, diversify your wine portfolio or simply free up some extra funds, our comprehensive customer base of wine collectors, investors and wine trade members allows us to proactively find a buyer for your wine in the quickest possible time, meaning you get paid sooner than anywhere else. Unlike most other wine merchants or brokers, your wines won’t simply sit on our stocklist waiting for a customer to find them, our innovative digital database allows us to match your wines with prospective buyers around the globe. This efficient and effective system is just one channel we utilise to ensure your wines are sold as quickly as possible.

If you’re looking to sell wine online or simply understand the value of your wine collection or portfolio, use our online Quotation Tool to receive an instant valuation and complimentary indication of what we could potentially offer you for your wines. This service is completely free-of-charge and there is absolutely no obligation to sell to us.


Using our Online Wine Quotation Tool

In just a few simple steps, you can enter your fine wines into our online tool and receive a live market price for your wine, as well as, an indication of what we could offer you if you’re selling wine online. 

We understand that pricing within the fine wine market can be confusing and somewhat unclear at times, and some clients may have unfairly fallen victim to a wine investment scam, therefore our online Quotation Tool aims to provide accurate wine valuations based on live market data from reliable trade sources such as, Liv-Ex, Wine Searcher and our own pricing database. These live wine valuations are offered alongside our quotations to display complete transparency and ultimately trust in our selling wine services.

Generating your quotation

  1. Go to our Wine Quotation Tool and enter your wines by typing the first few characters of the wine name and once the drop down list appears, select and choose the correct wine. Next enter the vintage/year, the bottle/case size, choose how many cases you’d like to value or receive a quote for, and finally, click ‘ADD WINE’. You are able to continue to add wines to your list, upload a complete stocklist if you have one available or manually send us a list by using the message/upload file section below the quotation tool.
  2. Once you have added all of your wines, click the ‘GET MY ONLINE QUOTATION’ button. You’re then required to fill out a few personal details so we can get in touch and send a confirmed quotation to your inbox. Your personal information is completely confidential and is securely held on our database. We will never share the information you provide us, hassle you on the phone or send irrelevant emails.
  3. After completing the form our online Quotation Tool will use live market data and a complex algorithm to instantly generate a market valuation and an indicative quotation for your wine. If one of our indictive offers is of interest to you, you can request a confirmed wine valuation and quotation by clicking the relevant button underneath the offer. A member of our Purchasing Team will then follow-up with a confirmed quotation and talk you through the selling wine online process.

Read more on Using our Wine Valuation & Quotation Tool.

Selling Wine Process

As the only provider of wine valuations and quotations entirely online, our clients can quickly and easily understand the value of their wine in minutes, providing a seamless, transparent and trusted service for selling wine online that is unmatched by any other wine merchant or broker.

Selling wine to us is simple; after you have used our Quotation Tool to receive your valuation and quotation there are three main steps to the process once you have agreed to accept a confirmed offer and proceed with the sale of your wines. These are as follows:

  1. Logistical Transportation 

    If your stock is duty paid and we have agreed to accept your wines we will arrange and conduct the collection of your stock into our bonded warehouse, wherever it may be in the United Kingdom. If stored in a bonded warehouse, we will guide you through the process of releasing your wines for collection or transfer to our bonded warehouse account at LCB Vinothèque.

  2. Stock Deposit and Condition Checks 

    Once the wine has been transferred over to LCB Vinothèque it needs to be registered into our account. From there, we request that they inspect the stock and provide us with a condition report of the wine(s). Once these condition reports have been received we will either pay you (Cash Offer) or begin to source a buyer for your wines (Broking Offer). Read more on Condition Reports.

  3. Payment 

    After confirming that the stock is in satisfactory condition, the final part of the process is where we provide payment for your wines. Depending on whether you have chosen a cash or broking offer, timelines will vary; with a cash offer, as soon as the wine has arrived in our account and we receive confirmation that the stock is in good condition, we will pay you within 5 working days. With a broking offer, we will pay you within 28 working days after confirming we have found a buyer for your wines.

Cash vs. Broking Offers

As stated above, we offer two services for selling wine to us; a cash service and a broking service. Both services indicate the final amount you would receive and are inclusive of all commissions. We also cover all logistical costs, condition reports and insurance, so there are no hidden fees and our confirmed offers are valid for 14 days. Once you have accepted an offer and the condition of the wines has been confirmed, the prices indicated are locked in – for broking offers this is for the entirety of our 8 week exclusivity period. During the entire process your wine is covered by our warehouse insurance, and until we have paid you for a cash offer, or have found a buyer on your behalf you are still the sole owner of your wine. 

The main differences between the two offers are outlined below:

Cash Offer

A Cash Offer is where we purchase your wine directly from you, upon receipt of a satisfactory condition report from our bonded warehouse.

  1. Fastest Turnaround.
  2. Achieves the most secure and guaranteed pricing.
  3. Quickest payment schedule – within 1 day after confirming the stock is in good condition.
  4. Achieves a slightly lower value compared to a broking offer due to the inherited risk with wine market price fluctuations that we take on. Despite this, our cash offers are extremely competitive.

Broking Offer

A Broking Offer is where we sell your stock on your behalf and proactively source a buyer for your wines, upon receiving a satisfactory condition report from our bonded warehouse.

  1. Our lowest and most competitive commission (10%) – you receive 90% of the total value achieved.
  2. Slightly longer process as we need to source a buyer and await payment from the client.
  3. Payment schedule is within 28 days once we have confirmed the sale of your wine(s).
  4. Ongoing storage costs are covered by JF Tobias

Selling Wine Timeframes

In the name of transparency, we believe it’s necessary to convey an accurate timeframe for when our client can receive payment. As such, we aim to stick to the following timeframes:

Note: These timeframes are a guideline and there may be a 20-30% increase to them as there can, from time to time, be an acute increase in activity with our warehouse and our logistical partners, to which we heavily rely on.


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