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How are our Wine Valuations & Quotations are generated?

Finding and comparing fine wine prices can be a confusing and laborious process that requires considerable amounts of patience, knowledge, experience and time. We recognised that there was a lack of access to accurate, reliable and transparent prices for fine wine collectors, wine investors and wine enthusiasts to value their wine collection. This is how our Online Wine Quotation Tool came into being.

Our online Wine Valuation and Quotation Tool reviews live fine wine market prices collected by our own bespoke database against those provided by other reliable industry sources, such as Liv-Ex and Wine-Searcher. Once the tool has found the most current value for the wine it then uses a robust methodology and proprietary algorithms to generate a transparent and accurate quotation that displays the final amount you could receive if you sold your wine with us.

What’s included in your Online Valuation and Quotation?

Achieving the best-in-class solution to value and quote for wine online, our tool provides our clients with an accurate view of the total market value of their wines, as well as, two indicative quotes on what they could achieve if they decided to sell their wines with us.

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The Total Market Value

Collected from live market prices this is the current or most recently available trading value of your wine; these prices do not include sales tax, VAT and duty, as our prices assume the wine is still stored in a bonded warehouse. If your wine is stored at home then you will not be able to claim this tax back.

The indicative Cash and Broking Offers

These prices include our commissions and all costs related to the collection, transfer, insurance and condition checking are covered by us, therefore, there are no other costs to be deducted and we have no hidden fees.

These quotations should only be used to give yourself an idea of what you could receive as before we agree to collect your wine we will double check the live market prices, review the specific wines you want to sell and consider the total value before providing a final quotation. We will also request Condition Reports are produced after your wine has been registered into our account so we can confirm the wines are in a sellable condition.

Note: Our online valuations and quotations make the assumption that the wines are in perfect condition and are stored in a bonded warehouse, if not, then further discounts may be applied. Please refer to our Wine Inspection Guidelines for more information.

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